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By Bethany Foshee

February 22, 2023

I am here to help take the stress out of what to post on social media.

These three quick steps can make your social media posting a breeze.

  1. Set up a plan. Use a calendar, a spreadsheet or just a list to prepare ideas for your content.
  2. Use a content manager, like Sprout Social, that can manage multiple social media platforms at once.
  3. Schedule your posts a week or more in advance.

Here are some ideas of what to post:

  • Photos and videos of before and afters, work in progress, screenshot, working selfie, sneak peak and other “behind the scenes” images create great content.
  • Share your expertise. Create a small FAQ post, how to video, solve a problem, go Live and answer questions, or create an infographic.
  • Trending topics can be tricky but discuss a viral video, celebrate a national holiday or special event, and don’t forget about national days (like National Pizza Day).
  • Genuine personal posts are always a success. Share something personal like a photo of your day out with your family, a book or movie you’re currently reading or watching, pets are always a big hit.
  • Have your followers answer your questions. Take a poll, fill in the blanks, request feedback from previous posts/videos, etc. Make them an offer for answering questions or providing reviews.
  • Share quotes and other motivational and inspirational tips or quotes. Share a small story.
  • Interview a customer or follower, collaborate with other businesses/experts, mention followers and influencers. COLLABORATE!!!
  • Don’t forget you can reuse or reinvent old content. Reintroduce yourself, we all change over time, let your followers get to know the current you!

Whatever you decide to post, make sure your post is genuine.

Be authentic!

Be real!

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Lucky Posting!

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